Kal Pac Corporation




Kal Pac is a family owned business headquartered in Montgomery, New York. Our family business has evolved into being a global manufacturer and distributor of custom imprinted plastic, paper, and reusable bags. Our company is non-traditional, diverse, dynamic, passionate and fun, yet quirky at times. We enjoy listening to rock and roll, we are baseball and golf buffs, we are foodies and we love our sour patches, chocolates, and coffee. We love to talk and speak our minds, and most importantly, we love to laugh at each other. We pride ourselves in taking care of our employees and we believe in investing in education for our employees. We use the principle of “When you stop learning, you stop growing”, to motivate and challenge our employees to think outside the box so that ultimately, this vision trickles down to our customers. Quality, Quality, Quality! This is fundamental to us as we stand by our product. We own and operate an 110,000 square foot factory located in Southern China and employ over 200 skilled factory workers. By operating our own factory, we are able to control our quality, production lead times, and retain our skilled factory workers. Our factory also uses the same principles that we do: maintain high standards, put customers first, collaborate with one another, be honest, and provide quick response times. Accessibility and convenience! Being a global company, it is important for us to provide our customers with warehouses that are strategically located to help minimize freight. We have five distribution points across North America; New York, Illinois, Georgia, California, and Texas. Globally, we can ship to other countries with ease as our factory is located near the three major ports in China. Trusted Manufacturer: Our Company has over 32 years of experience in providing innovative quality products. As a pioneer and leader in the packaging industry, we enjoy a reputation for being the most trusted producer in packaging. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced sales and customer service staff are here to provide exceptional service by educating our customers, providing solutions and ideas for packaging needs, and most importantly, we strive to make it a seamless process for all of our customers. Our Mission: We are committed to providing the best, inventive, and most reliable packaging products at a competitive price and deliver exceptional service from start to finish. Our Core Values: Integrity: Kal Pac believes in being honest and transparent with our customers, vendors, and employees. Fun: Kal Pac is a family owned business and we treat our employees like they are part of the family. We love to work hard but we also love to have fun. Our quirky and dynamic personalities strengthen our “family” bond and more importantly, we retain many of our employees. Most have been with us over 15 years. We couldn’t be happier with our loyal, energetic, knowledgeable, and courteous staff! Reliability: Quality is essential to Kal Pac and we make sure that we maintain superior quality standards across all of our product lines. As a manufacturer, we continue to produce reliable, high quality products for our customers. Innovation: We love to challenge ourselves to create cutting edge yet simple solutions and products for all our customer’s needs. Our goal is to ultimately inspire our customers with our packaging.

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